Minding your business is free

Listen. I am not exaggerating when I say I have wild kids. Listen to any episode of Sharts and Giggles on the internet, and see that my kids are about two degrees below hers. One has ADHD. One feeds off the one with ADHD. And the baby finds the loudest thing he can do and scream-giggles while doing it. Wild.

For my own sanity, I am a hands-off parent. If they’re not hurting anyone nor destroying property, I let them play. Maybe it annoys people, I don’t care. I’m rarely out of the house, so people can deal.

So today of all days. When I barely slept, had to get three kids out in below freezing weather, and barely made it out the door is the day a bitch wants to try me.

Within five minutes of walking through the door, she is telling my kids to sit down and stop screaming.

Uhm. No. I am a bear when it comes to my children. No one speaks to them without my consent.

I did not make them listen to this woman. Not only that, but I sat there debating actually saying something to her about it. Was it worth it? Would she fight back? Would I go to jail today?

Thirty minutes past our appointment time, they call us back. As I stand up, I look her in the eye, shake my finger at her, and tell her these are not her children.

I should have said it sooner, but anxiety got the best of me. I would never try to parent someone else’s child. It may take a village, but if you’re not a part of mine, you can kindly fuck off.

I harbor anxiety in my gut, and so for the last few hours I have been physically sick. My stomach is in knots. I was already on a low time before all this happened. It is taking me even longer to emotionally recover from this violation of my parenting.

So, as a reminder to all the world: it costs $0.00 to mind your own business.

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